Webinar Vouchers – Train Multiple People or Take Multiple Courses at a Discount!

LSTI understands that you have limited time – and a limited budget.  That’s why we offer training vouchers at a discounted rate.  If you have multiple personnel who need training, multiple course needs – or both – vouchers offer an affordable solution to get you and your staff the biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical training you need.


  • Pre-purchase of a voucher pack allows you or your staff to select courses as they are scheduled, and redeem vouchers using a simple code
  • Vouchers can be used with live and recorded courses
  • They NEVER expire
  • Conveniently packaged in groups of 5 or 10
  • Vouchers offer a savings of almost 50% off per course!


Click on one of the voucher icons below to learn more and purchase!