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Lydia Dyett

Lydia Dyett

Lydia Dyett joined Halloran Consulting Group in 2013. She has more than 17 years of experience in drug research and development, specifically focusing on cardio-renal and oncology indications from both the CRO and Sponsor side of clinical development.  Lydia’s most recent trial experience has afforded her experience in international clinical development and pediatric medicine.

Prior to joining Halloran, Lydia worked primarily in pain, gastro-intestinal and cardio-renal therapeutic areas.  She helped adapt new patient reported outcome solutions in OBD and hyponatremia.  Working with subject matter experts in regulatory and PRO solutions, Lydia aided in the development of Clinical Global Impression (CGI) scale for dilutional hyponatremia.  Lydia also worked on novel research in atrial fibrillation, aiming to integrate 24-hour Phase 1 trial procedures into a standard of care paradigm that releases patients from treatment within 2-hours.

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