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Jack Tarkoff

Jack Tarkoff

Jack Tarkoff

Jack Tarkoff is Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of rfxcel with the vision of building a product that would meet the track and trace needs of pharmaceutical industry. After working countless years in sales, he knew that the only way to have a successful business was to work with people to shape the products and services.

Jack has dedicated himself to understanding track and trace technology and how it transforms the pharmaceutical supply chain. He has built products around RFID, cold chain monitors compliance systems and IoT for the past 15 years. Many ideas of which evolved from studying the Life Sciences supply chain.

As he strengthened his understanding of supply chain, he took things one step further through strategic partnerships with SAP, OPTEL, Domino, and Verizon. He understands the value of data integrity and how it is leveraged to add business value and consumer protection.

Not only have his products save customers money, expanded their market share, but have significantly reduced counterfeits in the marketplace to protect the end consumer.

Jack, along with co-founder Glenn Abood, started the company to focus on safety of pharmaceutical supply chain and bring advanced track and trace software to manufacturers, repackagers, wholesalers, distributors, and dispensers. rfxcel’s mission is to be the thought leader in traceability technology, and to enable customers to better manage their business today and deliver value tomorrow.

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