Customized Pharmaceutical Training For Your Staff

The Life Science Training Institute (LSTI) offers a full suite of biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical training options for your staff.  We have over 250 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who can deliver curriculum customized to your specific needs, covering topics ranging from pre-clinical and product discovery concerns through commercialization and beyond.  This includes traditional classroom instruction, live online training, customized and off-the-shelf eLearning.

On-site Training, eLearning, and Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Services – What Makes LSTI Different?

LSTI provides “Actionable, Practical Instruction for Life Science Professionals.”  We achieve this through real-world examples, interaction, and convenient delivery.  When you work with us to provide customized training to your staff, you can expect the following unique benefits:

  • You own the materials. It sounds silly, right?  If you have something customized, you should own it.  However, many training providers don’t provide full electronic files and/or charge licensing fees.  When you contract with us for custom training, you own it.
  • No “off-the-shelf” training. Why is this a benefit?  In the technical and nuanced world of the life sciences, we insist that the SME who writes the curriculum is actually the person who delivers it.  Dusty textbooks are fine for 10th grade math, but not for the regulated space we live in.
  • Customization doesn’t come with a hidden cost. Our pricing includes customization, because every course we develop is tailored to your needs.  There are no hidden fees.
  • We will leave you with the ability to train your trainers. Our instructors are not only SMEs, but know how to identify and qualify trainers. Therefore, we can offer train-the-trainer programs as an additional service.
  • Our process. We expect you to be hands-on.  We want your feedback during the process to ensure the outcome you need. This comes in the form of material review and interplay with your internal SMEs and ours.  Plus, we take a project management-style approach to ensure deadlines are met and your outcomes are achieved.
  • Our people. Simply put, we hire the best in the business.  Our trainers blend the right mix of subject matter experience, instructional experience, and relevance in industry.


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