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Your partner for cost effective group and corporate training.

We offer a suite of pharma, biotech, medical device training for learning and development organizations. Our 150+ Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can deliver curriculum customized to your needs, in topics from pre-clinical and product discovery through commercialization and beyond.

Training delivery formats for organizations.

Instructor-led (ILT): The traditional classroom format. There’s nothing traditional about how we deliver content. Our classroom courses weave your internal content into the curriculum to make the experience relatable.  Additionally, we encourage interaction from your attendees (because nobody wants to be talked at).

Live Online: Global team? Time away from desk a problem?  We can deliver customized courses via our web tools or by using yours.  You own the content, so recording is not an issue.  Our live online option gives you the interactivity of ILT courses with the convenience of virtual delivery.

Blended Learning: Our team can develop a mix of training delivery options to fit your needs. Maybe you have a combination of deep, granular training needs and remote employees with busy schedules. If this is the case, our blended approach can address your varied needs.

Train-the-Trainer: With our “Train-the-Trainer” services, we can identify, qualify, and train your internal staff so your internal training efforts are robust and sustainable.

Best instructors

We employ the best minds in industry to develop and deliver our programs — SMEs who can handle almost any topic from discovery to commercialization.

Superior design

We design robust courses that “stick” with participants and engage through exercises, knowledge checks, and other tools for adult learners.

What makes LSTI custom training solutions (enterprise) different?

We were founded on the idea that adult learners need to be taught differently.  We achieve this through real-world examples, interaction, and convenient delivery.  When you work with us to provide customized training to your staff, you can expect these benefits that most other training providers fail to deliver.

It sounds silly, right? If you have something customized, you should own it.  However, most other training firms charge additional fees or provide binders that are difficult (if not impossible) to duplicate.  We provide your materials electronically and they are yours to edit as needed as your business evolves.  Even our eLearning products can be licensed or outright purchased.  We want to work with you to build training you can use to build your organization.

Why is this a benefit? In the technical and nuanced world of the life sciences, we insist that the SME who writes the curriculum is actually the person who delivers it.  Dusty textbooks are fine for 10th grade math, but not for the regulated space we live in. Each training course we develop is independently designed to meet your specific training needs and learning objectives.

Our pricing includes customization, because every course we develop is tailored to your needs.  There are no hidden fees. This includes traditional classroom instruction, live online training, on-demand options for use in your Learning Management System (LMS), as well as blended learning solutions.

We will leave you with the ability to train your trainers.  Our instructors are not only SMEs, but know how to identify and qualify trainers.  Therefore, we are able to offer train-the-trainer services with almost any course we deliver.

We expect you to be hands-on.  We want your feedback during the process to ensure the outcome you need.  This comes in the form of material review and interplay with your internal SMEs and ours.  Plus, we take a project management-style approach to ensure deadlines are met and outcomes our achieved.

Simply put, we hire the best in the business.  Our trainers blend the right mix of subject matter experience, instructional experience, and relevance in industry

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