DIGR-ACT®: A Solution that Uses Critical Thinking for Issues Prevention and Management

So…you’ve identified the risk, and you have lots of data, but why are you not successful in improving and successfully accomplishing your clinical outcomes? You re-train, put a process in place, etc., but the problem keeps coming back.

You have a problem, and DIGR-ACT® is a way to ensure efforts to solve it are not wasted!

There is a gap between the need for risk and issues management processes and their application. It all comes down to critical thinking. Tools alone do not work in the real world of clinical trials.

DIGR-ACT® is an interactive, online, on-demand training that supplies clinical personnel of all types with the tools to be able to meld critical thinking skills with clinical operations, patient safety, trial monitoring, and risk. It will give you the tools to “think outside the box” while still operating within the tight lines of clinical compliance mandates from global health authorities.

This 45 minute interactive eLearning course includes:

  • State-of-the-art elearning using clinical trial case scenarios
  • Interactive DIGR-ACT® Workbook Template
  • Principles of Practice Document including a glossary of terms
  • Knowledge checks and post-course assessment
  • Practice using the DIGR-ACT® Workbook with another clinical trial case scenario
  • Certificate of Completion

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Bill Beyer

Bill Beyer

Managing Director
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