eLearning Development and Delivery

Our SCORM-compliant eLearning solutions can be customized to include your company branding, internal documentation and processes.

LSTI’s custom training incorporates interactivity and knowledge checks to increase learner engagement.  Pre- and post-assessments measure the learner’s success.

Did you know that 90% of training is forgotten after one week? Don’t let learners lose knowledge unnecessarily. LSTI can create “learning boosts” that are short knowledge checks that reinforce learning long after they log off a computer or walk out of a classroom.

Do you have content that you need built into on-demand e-learning modules? Do you need content developed for your Learning Management System (LMS) by one of our SMEs?  LSTI employs instructional designers who can either develop custom content or integrate your content into a convenient, affordable e-learning option that best suits the learning styles of your audience.