Biotech, Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical Training Delivery Types

The Life Science Training Institute (LSTI) offers a number of different delivery options for our customized and client-site medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical training. Here are a few of our most popular options:

Instructor-led Training (ILT): LSTI can offer almost any subject you need in a traditional, instructor-led classroom format. Scratch that…there is nothing traditional about how we deliver content.  Our classroom courses are designed to weave as much of your internal content into the curriculum as possible to make the experience more “relatable.”  This could include your standard operating procedures (SOPs), case studies, documents, and equipment.  Additionally, we demand interaction from your attendees because nobody wants to be “talked at.”

Live, Online Training: Is your team spread out over the country or globe? Is time away from desk a critical factor in your daily operations?  If so, LSTI can offer any customized course via our own web tools or using your own.  As always, you own the content so recording is never an issue.  Our subject matter experts (SMEs) work with you or your internal SMEs to develop content that is practical and actionable.  Our live online options give you all the interactivity of ILT courses with the convenience of online delivery.

e-Learning Development (On-demand Online Training): Do you have content that you need built into on-demand e-learning modules? Do you need content developed for your Learning Management System (LMS) by one of our SMEs?  LSTI employs instructional designers who can integrate your content or content we develop into a convenient, affordable e-learning option that best suits the learning styles of your audience.

Blended Learning: Maybe you have a combination of deep, granular training needs with remote employees and/or busy schedules. If this is the case, LSTI offers a blended approach.  Our team can develop a mix of online, ILT, and web-based options to fit your needs.

Train-the-Trainer (TTT): LSTI can help you beyond just “one and done” training with our “Train-the-Trainer” services. Our SMEs can help identify, qualify, and train your internal staff on any number of subjects so your internal training efforts are robust and sustainable.

Training Packages: LSTI has several customized, enterprise “training packages” that offer continuing learning options at affordable prices. We offer customized webinar series or ILT training over time that will keep your staff running at optimal efficiency and operating at the peak of compliance.

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