Frequently Asked Questions


How is your training different from other providers?

We are committed to providing the highest quality instruction and instructors.  Our training platform combines the convenience of online training with the live interactivity of the classroom.  Quizzes, case studies, break-out sessions, polling and assessments are just a few of the ways we provide an impactful training experience.

What equipment do I need and how do I access my course?

A telephone and computer with internet access is all you need.  After you register, a link to your training room will be sent to you via e-mail with login information and complete registration instructions. Expect this email a few days prior to the course. Other ancillary materials (not needed during the course) can be downloaded from the “Handouts & Resources” area in the virtual classroom. If you can’t locate your log-in information, simply call 215-675-1800 or email and we will provide you with the number.

Can more than one person participate?

Absolutely, as long as you and your colleagues are in the same location. Your registration fee entitles you to one telephone dial-in and one online course log-in per site. For multiple users, most people use a speaker phone and projector in a conference room.  A few things to keep in mind:

  • The testing capabilities of each course are designed for a single user and the stored results kept for training records will show for the primary registrant only. If granting all users access to the exam is important to you, everyone in your group must be registered separately.
  • For accreditation purposes, we can only issue a completion certificate to the registrant on file. Again, if certificates are important to your group, all users must be registered separately.
  • You MAY NOT share log-in/dial-in info, or broadcast the event through a separate tool. Our platform has built-in safeguards against this, and violations will result in your entire group being locked out of the presentation.

Which is the right course for me?

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call us for assistance in selecting the right training course to meet your needs.  We can be reached at +1-215-675-1800 from 9am to 5pm, M-F, Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Can I record the sessions?

Recording sessions is strictly prohibited, and is a violation of our copyright.  However, you can purchase a recording of any previous live session for a nominal fee.

Will I get a certificate for training?

Yes.  Each course comes with a completion certificate, while our formal “Certificate Programs” come with official certification credentials.  Completion certificates and certification credentials are issued to the primary registrant only.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment for individual registrations must be made by credit card or wire transfer.  Checks are accepted for purchases of 10 or more course registrations.  Tiered discounts begin at this purchase level.

Do you offer volume discounts and/or content customization?

Absolutely.  LSTI offers tiered discount pricing for multiple registrants up to full site licenses.  Additionally, we can tailor any course to your needs and deliver it to your group.  Call +1-215-675-1800 for more information.


What is “Enterprise Training?”

“Enterprise Training” refers to any customized course LSTI offers via a number of delivery methods, all of which are described here. This includes instructor-led training (classroom), live online courses, and asynchronous or on-demand e-learning modules.

Who are your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and will they work with ours?

We select people that are current in industry with years of experience.  Furthermore, each of our SMEs actually knows how to teach adults. LSTI does not employ retired industry personnel who are bored with golf and want to get back into industry.  Our instructors face the same challenges you do every day, and have solutions based on years of experience. Our SMEs will work with your SMEs – this is encouraged and necessary.  We need to make sure the training content, flow, and objectives meet the many cultural and operational variables of your firm.  The only way we can accomplish this is through collaboration.

Can you customize your training to my specific needs?

You bet.  In fact, we customize every enterprise or client-site course we do.  Weaving in your case studies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), etc. is not only preferred, it is often critical to making the content relatable.  This is how we learn as adults.

Can I reuse the training we purchase? Are there licensing/customization fees?

We get this question a lot, and the answer is a resounding “yes!”  In fact, you own the material.  We are surprised that many companies don’t allow for reuse of materials without you having to pay some silly licensing fee.  Or, they deliver materials in binders that don’t allow you to copy them.  By the nature of our work-for-hire agreements, we are customizing and building a product for you that cannot be reused or resold because it wouldn’t work for anyone else.  We build your custom course, deliver all materials electronically, and you use it and/or change it for as long as you wish. For one competitive price, customization and continual use are included.  There are no hidden customization and/or licensing fees.

Can I incorporate the training into my Learning Management System (LMS)?

The answer is “yes,” but it depends on the delivery vehicle.  LSTI offers ILT, live online, and on-demand e-module development and delivery.  Any curriculum can be delivered in a SCORM compliant package that you can plug and play on any LMS.  Depending on the delivery method, this could mean more involvement for our instructional design team.  Let us know your need, and we can handle it.

Can you identify, qualify, and train our internal SMEs to teach (i.e., “Train-The-Trainer”)?

LSTI offers a full suite of services involving the identification, qualification, and training of internal trainers.  Our “Train-the-Trainer” programs have been proven successful and are available to any size organization and can involve your outsourced partners if need be.

Do you offer your customized training globally?

Yes.  Every training option we offer is available to anyone at any point globally.  We have flown instructors all over the world and provided webinars at 3am EDT US for clients in Asia.  You name it, we can do it!